Fallout 4

Release date: 10.11.2015
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

It's been four years since the previous game in the Fallout series. And that was an undisputed marvel for the gaming industry. Can Bethesda beat their own creation?

Even though the story is basically the same - you were in a vault and now you aren't. Additionally you have to search for something or someone. In Fallout 3 you searched for your father. This time you search for your son. But I will not spoil anything beyond that.

As usual for the Bethesda games this one is packed with a lot of side quests and stories. It could take months or even years to do every single quest. To really say that you have done every single quests you will have to play the multiple times, since a lot of the quests are faction or choice specific. I'm not talking about two or three times. It would take a lot more.

Nice touch is the ability to build your own settlements and command the people (and ghouls) who wander the wasteland. You will spend more time in this, than you'll do on quests. Not only does this settlement thing change the feel of the game (if we compare it to Fallout 3), but also the ability to have a follower. This time you are not the lonely wanderer, but you are the leader of a group.


SCORE: 8/10

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